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  Professional Associations

Engineers Australia - Australia



IEEE Spectrum - Spectrum magazine

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Motorola Semiconductor Products - digital and mixed signal ICs

Intel - specialises in CPUs and support ICs

Agilent Technologies - computers, printers, networking, interfacing

Maxim - A/D, linear, power supply ICs

Intersil - power, signal processing, telecom, digital

Allegro - motor drivers, power interface chips

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Freescale Embedded Controllers - a vast range of microcontrollers ranging from 8-bit to 32-bit

AMD - Embedded Processor Products - embedded x86 compatible processors

Intel Embedded Processors - embedded PC processors

Microchip - the fastest growing microcontroller company - now No. 2 for 8-bit micros

WSI - microcontroller support chips

Renesas M16C - 16-bit microcontrollers with lots of on-board memory

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Lynxmotion Robot Kits - robots based on the PIC (Microchip)

Mondo-tronics' Robot Store - robot kits, electronics and parts (USA based)

Arrick Robotics - mostly PC-based robots

Robots - on IEEE Spectrum

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Farnell Electronics - just about everything

ITT Cannon - connectors and switches

Bourns Incorporated - resistors, sensors, potentiometers

Marshall - enormous product range (US based)

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Intellidesign - PC/104 CPU modules

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